Sunday, August 23, 2009



Haven't forgotten about you crazy cats out there. Kicking it in the Holy Land at the moment and just lounging in 35 degree heat waiting for my brother to get married.

Hope everything is sweet back in the land of OZ.

New posts will be coming when I get back, so hit up Minnie in Graceland in approx. 3 weeks for a bucket load of new posts streaming from all sides of the globe.

Peace (Shalom)


Monday, August 10, 2009



I apologize for the lack of posts over the past week. I am getting ready to head overseas for my brothers wedding at the end of the week and then to make the big move to Sydney after that. 

...SO, as you can probably fathom, I have been SLIGHTLY busy.

BUT, fear not, and keep following, because in the next 3 weeks there are going to be some kick-ass posts coming from all corners of the globe.

Peace! (and safe travels!)


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A nickel for Nicholson.

There are so many reasons why Jack Nicholson is awesome.

Take this photo for instance... CIGARETTE SNORKELING!!! (i am not endorsing smoking here kids)

But fuck he's great.

I recently watched The Shining and was completely mesmerized by the fact that Kubrick used 500km of film for this epic movie. Now, if you haven't seen this thriller, you are seriously lacking in what I like to call, film cool. With famous quotes like "HEEEERE'S JOHNNY" and possessed chants of "redrum", this film has influenced hundreds of thriller spoofs and a whole generation too. SO,  GET ONTO IT. 

Essentially, this post is a homage to the brilliance that is Jack Nicholson, and his extremely bizarre attachment to sunnies and a decent 80's leather jacket.

So here's to you Jack!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Olivia Dennis - TAKE 2 - Part 1


Olivia Dennis is an ambitious young writer who is studying Creative Writing at RMIT University. Though most of the time, she thinks her writing is "a bit shit", she still manages to produce beautifully crafted lives and events from blank pages.

To my great dismay (and joyful delight!) I had to replace my previous post on Olivia Dennis' writing due to a pending submission elsewhere on that particular work.

What has replaced it is a two part story that she has written especially for this blog:

My hands were frozen, shaking with the fucking lighter and blue with the fucking breeze. It all smelt so dirty around here, the rain tainted, the grass growing dead. I felt bad, I did, but I also...well, I also couldnt really give a damn, to be honest. Thats me; morally selfish...or just selfish, actually. They'd figure out our departure soon anyway, and not care about our return for another few weeks, at least. They might worry, but I highly doubt it; no-one really did around here. I shook the lighter in my hands, my unlit rollie hanging from my lips as I pathetically attempted to light the damn thing. It did, eventually. I inhaled. Exhaled. Drag. Drag. Exhale. I was squatted on those lone benches in the middle of the park, waiting for him to come back. If we're being frank, the extended view actually looked alright; the city was being puppeteered by a full moon, dimly lit and glowing for a few miles to the east, and minus three miles to the west. The immediate surrounds were fucking dire, yes, but I guess I could see the beauty in far away...the romanticism. I turned around and called out to Harry. Where the fuck was he? My rollie was getting limp and soggy from the rain and I had no shelter to hide under. The tree's were all leaking shit as well, so I couldnt hide out under them (other than the rollie, none of this really mattered hair was pissing all down my back and my broken loafers had soaked through already so...). I called again. Probably having a wank, I thought, or shagging that girl from earlier in the night, secretely in the fucking bushes. I pulled my watch out from my pocket and checked the time. As long as we're gone by 7...

Monday, August 3, 2009

Can you hear them Toons?

Jonathan Heilbron (not so formally known as Toons), is an up and coming bass player who tends to spend a hell of a lot of time refining his tunes down at the Victorian College of the Arts. 

This precise act has led to his first unique and mesmerizing solo exhibition being held at BUS Gallery in late September of this year.

Described as an "exploration in the fluctuating energies that can coexist within a relatively small space", Bassounds deals with the sonic architecture of specific spaces, directing and manipulating sounds to form new aural entities that exist unseen, in an attempt to bridge the gap between the physical presence of a work and the metaphysical experience it creates.

Although the concept may sound complicated, the simple contrast between the constant lighting and the improvised sound of the bass will continue to resonate and enclose around its viewers for the entirety of the exhibition.

Opening on the 22nd of September and running until the 11th of October, be sure to head to 117 Little Lonsdale St, to be immersed in the ebbing improvisations of this talented young artist.