Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A nickel for Nicholson.

There are so many reasons why Jack Nicholson is awesome.

Take this photo for instance... CIGARETTE SNORKELING!!! (i am not endorsing smoking here kids)

But fuck he's great.

I recently watched The Shining and was completely mesmerized by the fact that Kubrick used 500km of film for this epic movie. Now, if you haven't seen this thriller, you are seriously lacking in what I like to call, film cool. With famous quotes like "HEEEERE'S JOHNNY" and possessed chants of "redrum", this film has influenced hundreds of thriller spoofs and a whole generation too. SO,  GET ONTO IT. 

Essentially, this post is a homage to the brilliance that is Jack Nicholson, and his extremely bizarre attachment to sunnies and a decent 80's leather jacket.

So here's to you Jack!

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