Wednesday, September 9, 2009

September 'Top 10'

Josh Hunt is a BFG (Big Friendly Giant), but don't let the height fool you, he is fierce when it comes to today's culture (and especially it's music). When he sent me this list I couldn't possibly edit his blurbs on the songs provided... so i've left them up for you all to enjoy!


1 - Mumford & Sons - White Blank Pages, from the EP 'Lend Me Your Eyes' 
blurb: You'd have to be folk music scenely deaf to not have heard of Laura Marling over the last year. Marcus Mumford and Ted Dwane are her right hand genetlemen for bass and percussion. Mumford & Sons is their band, and they produce some great warm folk ballads. Check it out now before it gets on the next Greys Anatomy Soundtrack.

2 - Mew - Introducing Palace Prayers, from the album 'No More Stories are told...'
blurb: Based out of Copenhagen, Mew are their own genre: heavy reverberating guitar, synths and falsetto. Think Sigur Ros crossbred with Battles to form a danish musical lovechild. Their last album, containing Introducing Palace Prayers has an epically long title, so don't bother reading it, just listen.

3 - Bombay Bicycle Club - Always Like This, off the album 'I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Lose'
blurb: Again, another hybrid lovechild, but this time from the streets of London. Bombay Bicycle club are a little bit Vampire Weekend, a little bit Born Ruffians, a little bit Strokes and a lot of indie rock pop. If you don't feel a beat and want to dance during Always Like This, look at purchasing new headphones.

4 - Dan Auerbach - Whispered Words, off the album 'Keep It Hid'
blurb: Keeping with the side project them, Dan Auerbach of Black Keys fame, released a stellar blues rock album in April this year. Grey skies, cold winds outside. Hot tea, blanket and an iPod with Dan Auerbach playing inside. Theres not really a better way to pass the time on cold wintery days waiting for summer to come, unless you count cuddling with your significant other...

5- Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks, from the album 'Veckatimest'
blurb: This one is for all those lucky enough getting tickets to the Falls Festival. Put it this way: You'd be silly to miss seeing Grizzly Bear at this years festival. Their album has had raving reviews from all over the music industry. Two Weeks is their first single off the album, but its highly recommended you listen to the whole album. A serious challenger for 2009's album of the year.

6 - Bon Iver - Flume, from the Daytrotter Session, July 21 2008
blurb: Good music is hard to top, especially anything by Bon Iver. When that stuff by Bon Iver is a live acoustic session and can be downloaded legally for free from . This is just one of many Daytrotter Sessions, as there are new recordings added daily, so check it out!

7 - The Horrors - Sea Within A Sea, from the album 'Primary Colours'
blurb: Ian Curtis walks again. You'll be so suprised listening to this track that you'll have to pinch yourself that it isn't Joy Division. Even more amazing is the fact this song was released only a few months ago. The Joy Division messiah has come ladies and gentlemen.

8 - Rumpunch - Suck 'Em, from their self titled album 'Rumpunch'
blurb: It's midnight. You've had a few drinks and considering sleep. Put Suck 'Em on and you'll be injected with an intoxicating mix of reggae, funk, jazz and hip hop. This will redefine the term 'Aussie Hip Hop'. 

9 - Air France - Collapsing At Your Doorstep, off the EP 'No Way Down'
blurb: You know those times you're in a hotel lounge or restaurant and you hear really cool electro? That sub genre of electro that has the power to change your mood and make you happy but not want to start a drug induced brawl? It's probably Air France's 'Collapsing At Your Doorstep' that is playing.

10 - The Dodos - Longform, from the album 'Time To Die'
blurb: So you've listened to Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear and want some more I hear you say? Longform is a song that is just like that. It's great, vibrant indie pop rock. Listen now, or save it for the opening track on this summer's roadtrip playlist.

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